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Ruh! Rick Ross’s Official Apology Leaks

Brandon 'Jinx' Jenkins
Okay, so it didn’t “leak” per-say, but isn’t that what we call any and every release that hits the net in regards to musical artists? Anyways, this apology comes a day late (and a million dollars short). Complete with enough remorse to satisfy the masses, but not quite enough to bring Reebok back (had to […]

No Homo: Indie Film Tackles Fashion, Homophobia and Hype

“No homo.” You’ve undoubtedly heard the phrase spill from the lips of rappers or your peers as they try to make it clear that what they just said should not be construed as “gay.” Though it was popularized by folks like Dipset and has become a part of the hipster’s lexicon of ironic phrases, “no […]

Django: Off The Chain, Dolls Off the Market

Sacha Jenkins SHR
The “Django: Unchained” action figures have been discontinued because Soul Brother No. 2 Al Sharpton and other prominent blacks find them disturbing. They made a stink and your man Harvey Weinstein got shook, so he had the figures pulled. This saddens me. It saddens me because I’m a grown man who loves action figures. It […]

V-Nasty Kreayshawn Beef: When White Girls Stop Mobbin’

Sacha Jenkins SHR
So yesterday I got on my soapbox grind behind the Das Racist breakup. In all actuality, I sensed something was brewing with them, but I wasn’t sure what. And in full disclosure—as disclosed by Spin magazine yesterday—I’m in the process of developing a television show with Heems and Dap. But I digress. Victor is a […]