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Wyclef, Wale, Will.I.Am–Same Guy, Right?

Brandon 'Jinx' Jenkins
The Presidential race may be over, but it appears we aren’t done with the hilarious happenings related to the election. A reporter for a local news station was providing post-election coverage, and of course Will.I.Am somehow made an appearance. Seemingly omnipresent, this was the actual Will.I.Am . . . not futuristic hologram Will.I.Am. Obviously, showing […]

Our Car Guy on Why Romney’s No “Car Guy”

Willie G.
Mass Appeal’s autos editor, Willie G., tell us why he doubts Mitt’s support of the American auto industry. “Car guy.” The two words are arguably as American as apple pie. Of course automobiles are a global commodity, but nowhere on earth do they illicit the massive cultural camaraderie as they do right here in the […]