Taco Bell Hack

Taco Bell Ballin’: New Platform Analyzes Best Bang for Your Buck

Get the most munchies for your money.

It’s late at night, you’re hungry as hell, but too lazy to cook. To make matters worse, you just blew most of your cash copping some greenery. Chances are you’re going to Taco Bell. It’s open late, it’s dirt cheap, and it’s good as fuck— making it the go-to spot for munchies, regardless of your state of mind. But how do you squeeze the most cheese-covered mystery meat pleasure out of your dining investment?

During last week’s TechCrunch’s Disrupt NY 2014 hackathon, Kunal Bartra of Sendgrid created a program that helps fourth meal aficionados get the most bang for their buck. Bartra used a Python backend to compile pricing and calorie data from Taco Bell’s website to create a hack that analyzes the amount of cash you have available to suggest an optimally indulgent purchase.

Shoot an email to tacobell@sendmail.io with the amount of money you want to spend (no dollar signs, just numbers with decimals), and you’ll receive an email explaining what you can buy within a couple moments. The email also includes a calorie count to ensure you feel guilty about what you’re about to consume.

tacobell disrupt hack
Taco Bell Hack

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