T.I. and Lil Wayne Kickin It

T.I. “Wit Me” Ft. Lil Wayne

T.I. and Weezy hit the track running with their latest song collaboration "Wit Me."

T.I. featuring Lil Wayne Wit Me Cover Art Text

Atlanta’s T.I. teams up with Weezy F. one more ‘gain for their new single “Wit Me”. The two are getting ready to go on tour together (America’s Most Wanted Music Festival) so it’s only right that they discuss what makes their caliber of rap worth the tickets and sold-out arenas. “Got the game locked up, covered every angle. Got the outside, inside, middle lane too!”

Don’t forget to check out Weezy directly in our recent Off Tha’ Wall episode with him!

T.I. and Lil Wayne Kickin It

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