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Syrmo: Augmented Reality for Skaters

Syrmo: Augmented Reality for Skaters


While all technology does not signal progress, it definitely attempts to improve whatever domain or industry it targets. Thanks to Syrmo, this includes skateboarding. For the time being, skaters will be riding boards with four wheels (not hoverboards yet), and Syrmo will be there to track and hopefully improve our tricks.

Using small sensors placed along the back trucks and underneath the wheels, Syrmo connects with to the iPhone using a companion app to motion track tricks via Bluetooth, allowing users to view 3D replays. The motion sensors also lessen the burden of editing by monitoring when a board pops and when/if it lands during filming. No more need to log through hours of footage looking for the one trick you didn’t bail on. Additional features with the skate community in mind include the ability to share footage and watch slow mo replays of tricks in order to improve.

Not everyone will embrace this new technology, as people (skaters are no different) are very resistant to change. However, it’s great to see a company try new ways to get involved with skate culture.

If you want to help, visit Syrmo’s Kickstarter page and donate.