Photo of Supreme's Creative Director Brendon Babenzien.

Supreme Creative Director Brendon Babenzien Calls Fashion a “Disaster”

Supreme's creative capos drops some serious knowledge.

In a rare interview, By Such & Such sat down with Supreme’s Creative Director Brendon Babenzien. Babenzien ran through a number of topics including growing up in Long Island without a father, his first job at a surf shop, and the first thing James Jebbia had him design when he began working for the box logo gods. Evident is Babenzien’s eye for what was cool back in the day, as he name drops buying brands like Freshjive, Pervert and others long before they popped.

Babenzien also dropped some knowledge on the subject of style vs. fashion, citing a unique perspective that Supreme harnesses when tackling a new collection. Check out the interview above and take notes from one of the top dogs in the game.

Photo of Supreme's Creative Director Brendon Babenzien.

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