Skateboarders with lighter

A Recap of Supreme’s First Skate Film In Almost 20 Years

The cherry finally gets popped.

Photos by Ray Llanos

Whatever the fuck people speculate about Supreme, the buck stops here. Last night the box logo boys premiered “Cherry” by William Strobeck, their first video since 1995’s “A Love Supreme” by Thomas Campbell, and man was it good!

I couldn’t tell you what it was exactly, but there was magic, allure even. Maybe it was the Cypress Hill, Jane’s Addiction, The Cure, INXS, Raekwon-laden score (we’ll probably do a whole separate post on that alone), or director William Strobeck’s willingness to peer into the new generation of talented, limitless, un-wasted skate youth – or perhaps the combination of established riders like Rieder, Dill, Olson, Gonzales, Anderson, Koston and a slew of special guests, all making appearances and mind-blowingly sandwiching together a 20+ year legacy of skateboard counter culture?

It’s too much. Way too much to condense into a single post, so we won’t. But what we will do is show you the recap of “Cherry’s” premiere at East Village Cinema and afterparty at the Lower East Side’s infamous Pyramid Club (yeah, do your research).

And if you weren’t there, don’t fret, as the DVD will release at Supreme’s NY and LA stores this Thursday, March 20th and be available on iTunes come March 27th.

East Village CInema Theater Audience

East Village Cinema

Nakel Smith and Tyshawn Jones Facetime Kevin Bradley

Tyshawn Jones and Nakel Smith Facetiming Kevin Bradley

Tyshawn Jones Macking On Screen

Tyshawn mackin’

Tyshawn Jones and Will Strobeck at East Village Cinemas

William Strobeck with Tyshawn Jones, not mackin’

Nakel Smith

Nakel Smith stylin’ on em

Pat Hoblin smiling with greay beanie

Shut compadre, Pat Hoblin

Ron Hunter and Aaron At East Village Cinema

Ron Hunter (brother of Harold) and Aaron “The Don”

William Strobeck with roses in East Village Cinema Theater

Roses for the birthday boy/director

DJs at the Pyramid Club

Kunle, Weirdo Dave, and goons 

Alex Olson at the Pyramid Club

Alex “Team Motherfucking Handsome” Olson

DQM employees at the Pyramid Club

DQM squad

Jason Dill at the Pyramid Club

Jason “Fucking Awesome” Dill

Frank Mare and Billy Rohan at the Pyramid Club

Frank Mare and “Barry Lohan”

Akira of After Midnight at the Pyramid Club with a Heineken Beer

AM’s Akira

Skateboarders with lighter

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