Super Mario Runs Onto iPhones

Finally, a legit Nintendo game on smart phones

Shigeru Miyamoto took the stage at Apple’s live product event just moments ago and announced that Nintendo will be bringing an original Mario game, Super Mario Run, to the iPhone this holiday season. This seems to be the first time that Nintendo has allowed one of its original properties to hit a system that it did not create itself. While Pokemon Go was partially brought to us by Nintendo, the iconic gaming company only owns a piece of The Pokemon Company.

Having Miyamoto make the announcement is a great sign. Not only is he the creator of Mario and a ton of other brilliant Nintendo exclusives, but he’s known to be a perfectionist. If he’s up on stage standing behind this game that probably means it’s legit and not just some half-assed cash in.

No official date was announced yet, we’ll update if one becomes available.

Update: Nintendo tells Kotaku that the game will be coming to Android devices “at some point in the future.”


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