Jazz Legend Sun Ra’s Masters Are On eBay

Jazz Legend Sun Ra’s Masters Are On eBay

Variety Studio founder Warren Allen Smith has placed a collection of “Historic master tapes, stampers, and mothers” from jazz legend Sun Ra on eBay, with a “Buy It Now” price of $26,000. This collection includes stampers and mothers, metal discs used to produce some of Sun Ra’s vinyl LPs from the 1960s to the 1980s. A collaboration between Sun Ra and experimental composer John Cage is included in the set, along with two discs “that might or not be Sun Ra.”

Although these discs may be too old to be re-used for new vinyl pressings, their appeal to a modern collector of jazz or hip-hop memorabilia is great. Sun Ra’s classic recordings remain an inspiration for modern artists like Quasimoto, who sampled this 1973 gem Astro Black in his song of the same name. Madvillain also began their 2004 album Madvillainy with a sample from 1972’s “Contrast.”