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Summer Riding In The New BMW M6 Convertible

Learn how to out do even "The Fresh Prince" in the new M6 Convertible.

No disrespect to the Fresh Prince, but “two miles per hour, so everybody sees you” is not how most of us encapsulate the image of summer driving. Warm-weather whipping is meant to be fast and breezy; the skin of your shoulders rubbing up on leather. Still need to make a spectacle of yourself? That’s what convertibles are for.

Drop Top Blue Sand Profile Car

Sculpted in the same subdued, girl-next-door appeal as the rest of Bimmer’s current bloodline, the full-size 6 coupe-drop that is the BMW M6 Convertible makes the most vanilla of personas look sweeter than Ben & Jerry’s. But under the elongated bonnet, its twin-turbo V8 (represented out back by the coveted M-badge) is an engine that can easily amount to a triple-scoop of rocky road for inexperienced drivers.

Emblem Back Bliue Car M6

Boasting 560hp and 500 lb.-ft. of torque, an overly-ample helping of the throttle will have you sittin’ sideways – and that’s with the traction control on.

Exhaust Pipeline Blue

While another exercise in automotive impracticality, the M6 ‘vert does have some surprising traits of everyday drivability. For them days when the heavens literally make it rain, the lengthy reach of the window glass virtually eliminates the monster blind-spot, typically associated with most buttoned-up convertibles. And given the engine’s ability to chug like a spring-breaker when dared, the fact that normal driving yields figures like 14mpg city and 20 highway shows a scholarly side to its party-all-the-time façade.

Blue Convertible Car Driving Curve Road

Not banking enough to shell out the $110K+ required for the street-shredding, essential ride of Summer 2013? A non-performance standard 6-series will indeed have you creeping slower, but with a little more coin in your pocket to bolster your seasonal wardrobe. Just don’t dress like Carlton – trust us, you’ll still get noticed.

Blue Drop Top Riding Road Car Automobile


Engine:  4.4L V8 Twin Turbo

Power: 560hp, 500 lb.-ft.

0-60: 4.2 seconds

Fuel Economy: 14mpg city/20 highway

Price as tested: $113,000

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