Summer flicks for both you and your chick

Fellas, picking out the perfect "date movie" can be hard. Here are some flicks both you and your chick can enjoy.

flick summer

The summer is all about going on dates with different girls, hoping that at least one will make the sunshine-months worthwhile. 9 times out of ten you’ll spend tons of money on flowers and candy and never hear back from Ashley, Kim or Rebecca after the first date. We wanna make sure you get your money’s worth.

Here are some summer flicks you and your girl might enjoy.

World War Z

This “end of humanity” film is great for action movie fans and Brad Pitt fans alike. Based on the novel by Max Brooks, this apocalyptic flick features long- haired United Nations employee Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) on a worldwide quest to stop a flesh-eating zombie epidemic.  At some point during the movie there’s a birds-eye shot of a legion of zombie infected mega humans making ladders out of themselves in order to infiltrate a huge wall. While your girl is griping your “should be” muscular arm, hit her with a perfectly executed yawn/arm raise combo. Oh yeah!

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