Suge Knight says Tupac Shakur is not dead

Suge Knight Confirms Tupac Back!

Tupac is alive ... again.

Meek Mill tried to tell us, and now Suge Knight’s confirmed: TUPAC BACK!

In a new “interview” with TMZ the former CEO of legendary Death Row Records gives reporters one something serious to chew on, stating:

“Tupac’s not dead”

Now before you go on a wild goose chase for Pac, let’s break down what’s really going on.

The whereabouts of Tupac Shakur remain a mystery years after his murder. With accusations surrounding his involvement in Shakur’s death, Suge lets TMZ know that “bitch-ass Puffy” may be the culprit behind Tupac’s 1996 assault, adding fuel to a argument that’s lasted nearly 10 years. Knight continues:

It was a rat on television saying he’s the one [that] did the shooting. This happened, that happened, this happened, that happened right? Why nobody’s been arrested if they said they the one killed Tupac? “

Suge goes on to state that Tupac is on a secluded island smoking a cigar. However, an interview with Afeni Shakur, Tupac’s mother in ’97 states otherwise:

Let me say that my son was killed on 9/13/96 and Nov. 10th…”

The question is, why are we still talking about the death of Tupac Shakur? Shouldn’t the dead stay dead? With the announcement, and confirmed tracklist for the posthumous album, Xscape by the late great Michael Jackson, can deceased stars ever really rest in peace, or will their legacy be mercilessly milked forever?

Are Knight’s statements just hype for another Tupac hologram performance at next year’s Coachella Festival? Or a plot to gain buzz around the new Tupac musical? Let us know your thoughts on the return of Tupac Shakur, and check out the video interview with Suge Knight above.

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Suge Knight says Tupac Shakur is not dead

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