Subway Surfers App Game

Subway Surfers On The Graffiti Chase

Being hunted by police and their dogs is a life or death situation, but sometimes there's fun is in the chase. A new game for all ages captures that concept. Graffiti goes digital, again.

Subway Surfers App Game

Watching paint dry in a subway tunnel is better than watching someone’s glowing iPad playing Angry Birds. Those bird brains are missing out on the Subway Surfers app that just dropped today. The goal of the game is to avoid security Vandal Squad and a pitbull chasing you through the yards after catching you painting trains. You can escape on foot or hop on your hoverboard—the Marty McFly one. Kids of all ages are going to eat this up, regardless of how old disgruntled writers might frown upon the digital fantasizing of real life bombing. Some writers have kids too. Passing the torch to the next generation has always been a part of carrying on tradition of any art form. Finger paints is where they might start or this free app in the iTunes store might be where they lean about graffiti’s foundation. What’s most important is that the seed gets planted.

Subway Surfers App Game

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