Project Know 2014 Drug Slang in Hip Hop

Who Has the Most Drug References in Rap?

No idea is original, especially when it comes to rapping about drugs.

Project Know has done something you’d probably never take the time to sit down and do the unthinkable: They’ve assessed the number of drug and alcohol references in rap from 1988 and 2013.

drug slang 2014 Codeine Syrup chart by Project Know

Taking into account that rappers have a number of vices, or maybe just like to experiment when it comes to ascension of the body and mind, Project Know compiled stats on how often drugs like cocaine, codeine/lean, over the counter pharmaceuticals, spirits of different varieties, and of course your friendly neighborhood cannabis, are mentioned.

drug slang 2014 Marijuana chart by Project Know

The various graphs and charts provided show some interesting stats and identify trends in use, regulation, legislation, and how they all correlate to reflect the bad habits industry wide.

To check out stats on what drugs your favorite rappers were spitting about, hit up the Project Know website.

Project Know 2014 Drug Slang in Hip Hop

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