Strippers Busted for Drugging, Robbing, and Blackmailing Rich Clients

It never pays to fall in love with a stripper.

Four strippers and a strip club manager were busted for a plot to drug wealthy strip club customers, steal their credit cards, and blackmail them. Authorities say that the strippers began trolling for ideal victims last September, ensnaring a heart surgeon, a real estate agent, and several financial professionals. The victims were allegedly secretly drugged with Molly, tranquilizers, and cocaine. Once drugged, the men were brought to private rooms at either Scores in Manhattan or the Roadhouse in Queens, where the strippers allegedly charged tens of thousands of dollars on their credit cards, raking in almost $200 grand before getting caught.

According to the authorities, some of the victims were then lured to high-end hotels, where they were photographed in compromising positions with both women and men. After the drugged men woke up with no memory of the previous night, only to find thousands of dollars of charges on their credit cards, the strippers allegedly threatened to blackmail them with these photos. But the blackmail threats didn’t work, and the men notified police, leading to the arrest of all five suspects this week by a joint team of DEA, NYPD, and Westchester County Police. The four strippers have been charged with conspiracy, grand larceny, assault and forgery, and the manager of the Roadhouse in Queens also has charges pending against him.

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