Strip Club Refuses to Let Drugged Doctor Off the Hook

Strip Club Refuses to Let Drugged Doctor Off the Hook

A wealthy New Jersey heart surgeon is facing a lawsuit by Manhattan’s Scores strip club over an unpaid six-figure credit card bill. Dr. Zyad Younan claims he was a victim of a recent plot by strippers who drugged him, threatened him with blackmail, and illegally charged $135,000 to his credit card. But even though the strippers have been put behind bars, Scores still demands that the doctor pay his tab in full. Younan’s attorney, Michael Weinstein, told the New York Post that “in light of the allegations, it’s surprising that they have not dismissed the claim.”

Younan claims to have been drugged and robbed on three separate occasions before he noticed what was going on, a fact that has cast some doubt on his claims of innocence. “He was at the club three times. He was drugged three times?” asked Alison Blaine, attorney for Scores. Law enforcement officials, however, confirmed to the Post that Younan’s story is accurate. American Express has let the doctor off the hook for the bill, but Scores are still pursuing their suit against him.