Stick ’em Up: The Typo Terrorist

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The Typo Terrorist New York

The Typo Terrorist SoHo Street Art

The Typo Terrorist New York

Sticker: “THE TYPO TERRORIST” in all caps, also used as a tag.

Graphic: Various satirical epigrams, usually spray-painted on sidewalks, billboards, and walls. If Jim Joe and Banksy were able to have a child…voilá!

Website: The Typo Terrorist

Location: Broome and Wooster St., SoHo. Also, seen throughout the L.E.S.

Message: “Remember, whatever you believe imprisons you.” (Broome and Wooster St.) “Stop taking my book so literally.” (Mercer and Spring St.)
“Know me… Expect me… Find me.” (Spring and Wooster St.)

Context: A mix-media pseudonymous street artist who expresses their disdain for social and economic equality, conformity, deceit, and greed. Typo Terrorist is on a mission to terrorize the world with knowledge; some of their messages have been against fast food, pollution, SB1070, and even Tyler Perry.

The Typo Terrorist Street Art NYC

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  • mike herkimer

    This is some real bullshit. mad suspect. come one, now!