Stop Motion Animated Vinyl


Hip-hop has always shown artistic designs on vinyl over the years. I remember the first record I ever saw with a visually creative spin was Souls Of Mischief ’93 ‘til infinity. The vinyl came in blue and it was ground-breaking at the time. Over the years other recording artists have released picture discs and colored records (i.e. Jay-Z’s Blueprint LP on wax was dyed blue) but designer Michael Hansen took it further. Hansen crafted stop motion animated vinyl, a new way to look at your records while they rotate on the platter. When you set the speed on your turntable to 33 1/3 RPM, and strobe light at 50-60 Hz, the record comes to life. The intricate design is on both sides of the vinyl, which also plays two songs, “Crystal Tapestry” and “Waves.” How this new approach is adapted by companies like Serato will change the game again for the art of deejaying. Picture that.