A Stoner’s Home with Ill Spills

Ills Spills of B.I.C.gets his Martha Stewart showing viewers how to turn fruits into smoking utensils in the first edition of A Stoner's Home.

Have you ever had weed but no papers to roll up with? If you’re a true stoner then you probably encountered such a tragedy more than once during your pot smoking existence. But don’t worry brothers and sisters, your lack of resources will soon come to an end. Fellow ganja breathing brethren and 1/4 of the group B.I.C. ( Better known as Bitches is Crazy) Ill Spills shares with us some tricks of the trade in his first edition of A Stoner’s Home.

In the first episode. Spills shows viewers how to make a pipe out of an apple and banana, and afterwards making a bubbler out of an orange. Bet you Martha Stewart didn’t know that you can make bongs out of house hold items. But then again, she would probably hold out on that information too. While we wait for the next installment of A Stoner’s Home check out Ill’s and B.IC.’s latest video for “That’s Right” and their album Influence out now!

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