Stitches Mail Music Video

Stitches “Mail” Video

He sends it, you receive it.

Eccentric Florida rapper Stitches is taking advantage of his new found fame. After his first video for “Brick In Yo Face” went viral, Stitches delivers again with “Mail.”

If you’re new to Stitches he may be shocked by the AK47 tatted on his face, the gold grills, or the excessive stunting with large guns. Let’s just say he’s not your typical 18-year-old fair-skinned rapper.

The video for “Mail” further illustrates his drug dealing acumen, and Stitches tells you exactly how to get that bread.

I send it. You Receive It.

Stitches Mail Music Video

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  • Let me be the first to say if I was a drug dealer (which I’m not) I sure as hell would not advertise unless I was trying to catch a bid. This dude is bammer. his beats are bammer. his lyrics are bammer. his video was bammer, and I’m hoping Mass Appeal stops posting garbage like this and give some real hip hop shit some good press. #wheresthegrownmanrap?

  • Josh McCorkle

    This is all the response I need.

  • BarryBailBonds

    I’m pretty sure this dude is paying somebody at mass appeal to promote his stuff..


    Please stop.