Sticker Stash: Ron Allen, Trouble Chair

Mass Appeal's #OnTheGrind "Sticker Stash" presents the Ron Allen Model sticker. Read and learn about what inspired it here.

#OnTheGrind Sticker Stash is like the Hot Tub Time Machine of skateboarding. Every trip takes us back to a simpler time when fun was fun, skate was skate, and real was real. So strap in, kick back, and open your mind as we demystify some of the culture’s wholesale NFL jerseys most Miami Dolphins Jerseys profound graphics. 

Words and Photos by Ray Llanos

It was May of 2013 and I was headed to DC for a skate trip when I got word cheap jerseys that Ron Allen was coming to roll with us for the 45 Mile Skate-A-Thon (which is a whole other story). So I grabbed some of my H-Street and LIFE Skateboards stickers to share and reminisce.

When the time came and we were chilling at Hojin Chang’s place. He’s an OG Pulaski skater that was an Am for LIFE Skateboards. And I asked Ron to pick out a sticker from my stash to sign. He chose the chair sticker and signed the back “NOT IN TROUBLE.” He then explained that when he was a kid, he often got in trouble and would end up in the chair. Like many of us as skaters, we often take something meant to deter By us and use it to propel us. The sticker is on the iridescent vinyl that was popular at the time (circa 1990).


Chair model sticker frontside


Chair model sticker backside

The chair artwork is wholesale nba jerseys originally from a woodblock print from the late Jeff Klindt, who designed a lot of graphics for H-Street including Ron’s first pro model graphic. According to the story behind it, Jeff created a character based on Ron named “Ben Outlook,” always positive in his mentality and outlook, despite the straightjacket and padded See cell.  And you can see the chair there as well – a reoccurring theme in several of his graphics.


Jeff Klindt’s “Ben Outlook”

Ron Allen, at age 51, still shreds daily and cheap NFL jerseys is still very much a part of skateboarding culture to date. You can find him on Instagram (@ronallensk8) and lookout for a lot more Reprise from him coming soon.

Ray Llanos is a skater/photographer with roots from Washington, DC. You can catch more of his молчат. work and photos at

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