Stick em Up: NTMG.

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Sticker: NTMG.

Graphic: Football with text print of NTMG.


Location: SoHo

Context: NTMG., has one of the best looking football lifestyle websites in the game. Alright, maybe sexy, because of the most recent photo posted on their site, flashing a red card. Yeah, that one.

Created by Fredo, a transplant from California, now based in Brooklyn, New York, he curated the site to promote the lifestyle around football. The design of the football kits (tops), the tats by die hard fans, pretty much every element of arguably the world’s greatest sport is beautifully photographed on NTMG.

You can taste the love for the sport looking at the site. Especially right now while Real Madrid and Barcelona battle it out in the 2012 Supercopa De Espana. Follow NTMG. on Twitter here. GOOOOAAAALLL!

Have you noticed a ubiquitous sticker or stencil in your neck of the woods? Send us a pic and we’ll feature it in Stick ‘em Up.

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