Stevie Williams and Josh Kalis Combined Remix Section

"I think it's kinda fun when the cops come."

For anyone familiar with Philly skateboard legends Josh Kalis and Stevie Williams, it is virtually impossible to think of one of them without the other. Both having style and finesse for days.

Having spent countless upon countless hours in front of their  respective  Transworld Skateboarding “The Reason” and “Photosynthesis” sections (RIP Alien Workshop) on VHS,  young skaters from the ’90s can pretty much remember every trick from them in order. Kalis and Williams  became their own team of sorts, constantly cameoing in each others sections and destroying mythical Love Park’s buttery ledges.

To please the masses, Quartersnacks has created a remix section that combines all the best segments of their video parts over the years. After both being on the DC Shoes roster for some time and both having sections in “The DC Video,” they now find themselves on the same team once again, Stevie’s Kayo Corp backed DGK. Hopefully, there will be more footage of both Stevie and Josh in the next DGK project.

Both of them being in the same edit just feels right… especially to The Geto Boys!


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