Steve Fugate’s “Trail Therapy”

Forrest Gump ain't got nothing on Steve Fugate.

Forrest Gump ran for three years and two months. Steve Fugate has been walking for the past 14 years. In this compelling documentary piece presented by Korduroy TV, we get a glimpse into the world of a man on a divine mission. In the Cyrus Sutton directed short, Steve tells his story, one that takes place over 14 years and 34,000 miles. Given the name “Trail Therapy,” Steve’s mission is one birthed from loss. In 1999, he lost his son to suicide. A number of years later, his daughter would succumb to a drug overdose. Since their passing, Steve has been on a mission that has taken him across the nation and back putting out into the world his message to “Love Life,” a message that is also written on a sign that he wears each step of his journey.

Check out the video above to hear Steve’s story.

There’s no such thing as “World Peace,” there’s only peace within that we obtain. Then you’re at peace and if everybody obtains it then we’ll have “World Peace.”

You can learn more about Steve Fugate’s journey over at and throw some encouraging words his way via Facebook.

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