Stephen ‘ESPO’ Powers’s First Art Show of Fall Season

"A Word is Worth A Thousand Pictures" by the legendary artist comes to NYC.

espo gallery NYC A Word is Worth A Thousand Pictures

Steve “ESPO” Powers, known for his conceptual pieces that many of times tip-toe the line of legal and illegal, is taking his talents indoors this fall. His exhibit, “A Word is Worth a Thousand Pictures” is opening up next week on September 6th at the Joshua Liner Gallery in Manhattan, and will run until Sept. 29th.

You can expect more conversational pieces from ESPO and his team of sign painters, continuing his reputation for loud, vibrant, eccentric pieces that have littered the streets of NYC, Philly, and cities all over the world. Touching on the process of creating his art, his hunger to host a new gallery in New York, and his inspiration for his work—ESPO gave the good people over at The FADER an exclusive tour of his studio in Brooklyn.

More info on Stephen Powers’s major show (first in seven years) at Joshua Liner Gallery.

PS: Check ESPO’s artwork for the new MF Doom/Jneiro Jarel collab JJ DOOM.

Espo jj doom

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