Step Brothers’ ’80s Coke Bonanza (Rare Studio Footage)

Chip McFarrington and Brad Skinningham return

You may have seen the vintage broadcasting footage of old school rippers Chip McFarington and Brad Skinningham, which we unarchived last week. Following the success of the video, we’ve decided to unleash some more ’80s footage from the dynamic duo who recently released their debut album Lord Steppington.

Before being signed to Rhymesayers, and even before making hits with Jadakiss, Mobb Deep, and Dillated Peoples, the Step Brothers tried their hand in early ’80s new wave. After being blacklisted from the broadcasting industry due to their continuous substance abuse on air, Chip and Brad hit the studio to pursue their dreams of one day running Carson City.

Check out the rare vintage studio footage of Chip and Brad, and make sure to grab their new album out now.


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    Ok wheres the video?

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