Stay Losin’: BlackBerry Thanks Developers With REO Speedwagon Cover

RIM says they'll "keep on loving" developers, we shed a thug tear for BlackBerry.

Pour out a lil’ liquor for Research In Motion. Remember when their BlackBerry device was the business-like alternative to the flip phone? When BBM was the preferred method of communication for all the cool kids? Back when the right combination of emoticons could result in a late night rendezvous? Well the iPhone (and some bad business moves) deaded all that shit and sadly #teamblackberry is a dying breed.

It wasn’t just users who abandoned the RIM ship, it was developers too. To thank the diehard BlackBerry devs who stuck around and stayed total to the platform, RIM produced this tongue-in-cheek video featuring three of its VPs jamming doing their own version of REO Speedwagon’s “Keep On Loving You.” Cute. We know they’re trying to be funny and cool and viral and stuff but nah, yo.

Watch the clip and see if you can figure out what the emoticon for “fail” looks like.


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