State Your Name Graf Feature Image

“State Your Name” aka “The Best Graff Video Ever!”

Let the games begin.

Peep the teaser video above for what is being called, “The Best Graff Video Ever!” Posted on 12ozProphet by graffiti legend COPE2, the video is a documentary showcasing throw-ups, tags, fill-ins and more from some of graffiti’s most illustrious and elusive. There isn’t much info on the “State Your Name” video but it seems to be carrying on the tradition of Videograf . Peep the video, share it, submissions can be sent to Get Up!

State Your Name submission image

Via 12ozProphet

State Your Name Graf Feature Image

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  • Dave

    This is an old Graf film! It’s very well made though, check it out online.

  • How about spelling the name of my video series right it’s called “Videograf” alway has!!