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MTA Transit Workers Union Samples Fat Joe for “Stand Back” PSA

MTA Transit Workers Union Samples Fat Joe for “Stand Back” PSA

New York City’s Transport Workers Union Local 100 is fed up with the subway accident death toll. So much so that it’s decided to take matters into its own creative hands by hiring one of their own MTA motormen, Noah Rodriguez, to MC his way into the psyche of straphangers. As a result the ambitious lyricist-slash-conductor whips out rhymes left and right over Fat Joe’s “Lean Back” about the dangers of standing too close to the tracks. Except Rodriguez’s version is a clever re-appropriation dubbed “Stand Back” with a video to go with it and all. What, hip hop music being used to convey a message to listeners? Unheard of!

Sarcasm aside, this is easily one of the most memorable public service announcements we’ve come across. New York City subway riders can talk all the smack they want about fare hikes and shoddy service, but the grim reaper’s no joke yo! We’re just wondering if Joey Crack will sign on board for the official “Stand Back” remix. What’s hood Joe?

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