Stalley “NineteenEighty7″ ft ScHoolBoy Q

Stalley “NineteenEighty7″ ft ScHoolBoy Q

For the lead single off of his brand new Honest Cowboy mixtape, Ohio’s Stalley gets acquainted with Compton and the west side. The rapper appropriately enlists TDE’s ScHoolBoy Q (currently featured on our Issue 53 cover alongside Mac Miller) to help him finesse his way down the very boss-like instrumental that is “NineteenEighty7″ that begs for gold fronts and action. Both of which, the fellows deliver.

Shirtless Stripes Chains Cap Strap Bucket Hat
Beard Shades Sunglasses Cap Fronts Gold
Auto Red Stand Compton California Honest Cowboy
Aviator Beard Bucket Hat California Honest Cowboy
Group Gang Compton Chain Black Honest Cowboy