AUDIO: Stalley “Loud Engines”

There are a lot of rappers that rap about cars but few that go in to as much detail about muscle cars and the automotive experience as Maybach Music Group’s Stalley. Before his music came to us courtesy of Rick Ross, Stalley was the soft-spoken big-bearded Muslim rapper with the ball skills who liked rapping over jazzy instrumentals.

Since becoming a blog favorite and subsequently signing with MMG we’ve seen him start to carve out his niche as the reluctantly ostentatious car enthusiast with enough references to classic autos to give Curren$y a run for his money. “Loud Engines,” the second song from the new edition of his “Songs by Me, Stalley” series, has him cruising in the “car rap” lane describing the Midwest car culture scene in his native Ohio. This is definitely new millennium rider music.

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