Stalley “A-Wax”

Ohio native Stalley brings us yet another track off his up and coming August 8th mixtape, Honest Cowboy, entitled "A-Wax."

Stalley A-wax from Honest Cowboy mixtape

“Fast cars, gold chains, that’s just how I live”

Rapper Stalley has an update for the fans of his 2012 mixtape, Savage Journey To The American Dream. His latest project, Honest Cowboy, drops on August 8th and in preparation the Ohio rapper has graced us with a little taste of what we can expect from the new mixtape. Aside from his recent releases, “Raise Your Weapons,” and “Swangin,” (also off Honest Cowboy) Stalley has a brand new track “A-Wax,” a crisp head banger cleverly laid out over a consistent chime and horn duo, reminiscent of a ’70s mystery film montage.

Stalley also recently dropped the official trailer for the new mixtape, in which he travels to San Antonio, Texas, filming his experience working with photographer Robb Kendrick on the cover art for the new project.

Check out “A-Wax” below, the trailer above, and make sure to look out for the mixtape, Honest Cowboy, or what Stalley is calling his “Album before the album.”

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