Spike Lee movie Red Hook Summer Brooklyn

Spike Lee’s “Red Hook Summer” Lands Distribution Deal

A glimpse of the cast from Spike's next New York-based film is released amongst news of the its premiere date this summer.

Summer in NYC ain’t shit without a Spike Lee joint in movie theaters! Yesterday, the noted auteur and vocal NY Knicks one-man bandwagon announced a distribution deal for Red Hook Summer, the latest film in his “Chronicles of Brooklyn” series.

In a press release announcing the deal yesterday, Lee, last seen making Jeremy Lin puns on Twitter and hosting million dollar plate dinners for Obama in his apartment, revealed that NYC’s Variance Films will partner with 40 Acres & A Mule to distribute Summer, his coming of age story set in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn. Theatrical release of the film will begin on August 10, 2012 and will go national in 30 markets soon after.

“From my very first joint back in 1986, She’s Gotta Have It, I have been an independent filmmaker, and even today I still am,” said Spike Lee. “I’m elated to join forces with Variance Films for the independent distribution of my new joint Red Hook Summer. We look forward to getting this film into the marketplace, where we believe 100 percent that there is a starving audience for American independent films like Red Hook Summer.

Red Hook Summer tells the tale of Flik, a sullen young boy from middle-class Atlanta whose world opens up after he spends a summer in the Red Hook Housing Projects with a beautiful girl his age, and a religious grandfather. The film is Lee’s sixth film about Brooklyn, following She’s Gotta Have It, Do The Right Thing, Crooklyn, Clockers, and He Got Game.

Variance Films founder Dylan Marchetti said this about the distribution deal, which was brokered by CAA:

“Spike is truly one of the godfathers of independent filmmaking, and Red Hook Summer is an entertaining, yet thoughtful, film that says something we think needs to be said. We couldn’t be more excited to work with Spike and his team to ensure that audiences across the country will be experiencing this fantastic film with their friends and family.”

No word yet about a sequel to Inside Job, Lee’s most profitable film to date.

Spike Lee movie Red Hook Summer Brooklyn

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