Spike Jonze by Chris La Putt

Spike Jonze’s Wildest Skate Videos

Before his next skate flick drops with Girl and Chocolate, take a look back at Spike's other classics.

Spike Jonze director photographed by Chris La Putt

Legendary director Spike Jonze has left his mark on almost every outlet of film known to man. From creating countless music videos for the Beastie Boys to working with Biggie on “Sky’s is the Limit,” Jonze has become a legend for providing seriously dope visuals to compliment classic songs. Spike Jonze also had his turn at directing feature films such as Being John Malkovich, and has even had a crack at network television with his role as co-creator of MTV’s Jackass. Although he’s usually mentioned as one of the best in numerous genres of film, one of his talents that flies under the radar to most is his collaborations within the skate scene. In light of our anxiousness regarding the November 16th release of his co-directed Girl and Chocolate video Pretty Sweet, we felt it was only right to go back in the archives and chose a few examples of Spike’s best skate footy. The four videos below not only outline Spike’s progression as a director of skate videos, but also the transformation of style and skill in skating, not to mention the actual technology of filming.

Video Days from Blind, featuring Mark Gonzales, Rudy Johnson, Jason Lee, Guy Mariano, and Jordan Richter. (1991)

Mouse from Girl. Featuring Keenan Milton, Eric Koston, Chinco Brenes, Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, and many more. (1996)

Yeah Right! from Blind. Featuring Brian Anderson, Marc Johnson, Guy Mariano, Rick Howard, P Rod, Jereme Rogers, and more. (2003)

Fully Flared from Lakai. Featuring Lucas Puig, Mike Mo, Mike Carroll, Eric Koston, Guy Mariano, and more. (2007)

Pretty Sweet for Girl & Chocolate. Featuring Mike Mo Capaldi, Gino Iannucci, Kenny Anderson, Eric Koston, Guy Mariano, Sean Malto, Mike Carroll


Spike Jonze by Chris La Putt

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