Spaceman “Everybody’s Dead”

The Inner City Kids' wild boy Spaceman drops some shit that is most likely your favorite villain's go-to shower song.

Cover art for Spaceman's "Everybody's Dead," produced by Vulkan the Krusader.

The Inner City Kids’ wild boy Spaceman dropped some heat in the form of his new track “Everybody’s Dead.” Can’t even front on this, it goes dumb hard. Produced by Vulkan the Krusader, “Everybody’s Dead” sounds like beautiful chaos, with random lines full of vulgar material and dark humor up the wazoo like, “I’m a bandit making off with your thoughts, like how I spent all of yesterday fucking a corpse. I go to the movies and root for the bad guy and get high off of dust until I fucking die.” This is the kind of shit you’d hear if there was an impending apocalypse, before you started popping off and sending zombies to meet their maker. It’s your favorite villain’s go-to shower song. Yeah, that ill.

So bump that and make sure you’re up on the Inner City Kids movement, cause dudes are making noise and ain’t going down without a fight!

Candid photo of the Inner City Kids' Spaceman

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