SpaceGhostPurrp Mysterious Phonk Album Review

Our thoughts, on SGP's deep mind state on his new album.

SpaceGhostPurrp Mysterious Phonk Album Art

Although many people want to compare SpaceGhostPurrp to artists like Tyler, the Creator and A$AP Rocky, after listening to his new album Mysterious Phonk it is fair to say that Purrp is on his own wavelength. SGP is vibing on a dark acceptance of isolation and bitter honesty. It’s impressive how the 21-year-old is able to delve into his innermost demons with an almost zen-like calm, to recant his views on drugs, loyalty and women.

This hollow placidity of Mysterious Phonk is immediately implemented with the first track “MystiKal Maze.” “I always try to smile, but the world is fake, the world is a house with a yard full of snakes,” he says over an almost industrial sounding production to swirl behind his acerbic vocals. There is no departure from Purrp’s smooth vulgarity in “Suck A Dick 2012,” however, despite the ever present misogyny, the song has an obscured beauty that borders on psychedelic because of the track’s laid-back drone and spacey rhythm. “The Black God” seems to combine all of SpaceGhostPurrp’s ideologies: his concept of being his own religion. It’s his belief system of self-empowerment on “Black God” that adds more depth to his persona, sort of like the way Jay-Z’s mafioso pledge to never pray to God, but to Gotti.

SGP ends the 14-track record with “Raider Prayer,” where reverbed, sleepy synthesizers accompany his esoteric mantra. The track stays true to the monk-like state that is present throughout the entire album. This repetition can be overwhelming at times, but there is something to say about his unwavering dedication to his unique style. Purrp is not afraid of empty-space and allows the tracks to breathe. Although bleak at times, Mysterious Phonk‘s introspection is refreshing and gives the listener a look into the dark mind of SpaceGhostPurrp.



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