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Southbank Paint Attack with D*Face

Southbank Paint Attack with D*Face

It appears that London’s legendary Southbank skate spot is still alive and kicking thanks to the efforts of both the international and local skateboarding community. The Long Live Southbank initiative has been gathering substantial momentum from iconic skateboarders and celebrities alike, including local hero, and world-renowned street artist, D*face, who actually attributes his journey into art to skateboarding. He and a few local riders recently conjoined efforts on a remote spray paint experiment, meant to highlight the significance of Southbank and the accessibility of its tangible creative scene. Along with the experiment, D*Face also goes on to explain why it’s important to preserve a place like Southbank and how it almost came to an end back in 1988 as well.

As of July 12, 2013, Southbank was officially recognized as a community asset, thus thwarting its destruction, for now.

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