Soulja Boy Appears to End Up In an Altercation During Instagram Live Session

When 'keeping it real' goes wrong

Soulja Boy has had a messy past few days tussling online with Chris Brown and Orlando Brown, and during an Instagram Live session last night, his start to 2017 seemed to get markedly messier.

In a video clip that surfaced on Twitter, Soulja Boy appeared to get swept up in some sort of brawl in the middle of an Instagram Live video being viewed by thousands of people. In the video, Soulja can be heard loudly and rhetorically asking, “Soulja can’t come to the hood?” He then sarcastically answered his own rhetorical question, “Soulja can’t come to the hood.”

Bystanders to Soulja’s video didn’t understand Soulja’s question to be rhetorical. Shortly after the rapper’s loud proclamations, which included slinging his arm around someone who didn’t want to be hugged, he was accosted from behind and apparently forced into the altercation. Just before the clip cuts off, someone can be heard saying, “this is my phone now.”

Another angle of the debacle shows that Soulja’s phone wasn’t stolen off his person, but it did appear to end up in someone else’s possession once the scuffle concluded. Naturally, Soulja’s latest foe, Chris Brown, had something to say about the embarrassing episode.

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