Soulja loves lean

Social Actavis: Soulja Boy Petitions to Keep Lean on Shelves

Soulja Boy: a man with a mission.

Global pharmaceutical brand Actavis recently announced that they are discontinuing their “Prometh With Codeine” cough syrup because Drake rapped about the product and Actavis didn’t want to be associated with a Canadian. Well, that wasn’t their reasoning, but I have my suspicions. The extremely popular drug is used to make lean by mixing the product with soda, typically Sprite. Popularized by rappers, some people in the hip hop community are sad to see the drug go. Maybe the saddest of all these dudes is Soulja Boy.

According to extremely relevant media outlet TMZ, Soulja Boy is, “mad as hell” over the decision to discontinue the product. Soulja claims that, “Acatvis is running away from money … they could be selling out everywhere.”

Soulja feels so strongly about the issue that he is “rallying his friends together in a petition drive” to get the drug back on the shelves. However, if Soulja is really about that money, he should just stock up and make that cake himself. Surely the discontinuation is going to drive up the street price of a pint; doesn’t Soulja want to make some motherfuckin’ money?

On a serious note this discontinuation is a good thing. Actavis has already taken many rappers lives, including Pimp C and DJ Screw, and its popularity seems to be at an all time high. It would be disheartening to see another rapper fall due to the addictive cough syrup.

Soulja loves lean

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    Actavis didn’t take pimp c or screws life. They were sipping barre pharmaceuticals prometh w/ codeine. Hence big moes name barre baby and other rappers of the time rapping about sippin barre not actavis.

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    And there’s already another new company making purple, it’s called trispharma. Slightly different tint of purple and a less sweet taste.