SonReal “Everywhere We Go”

SonReal gets turns on his Napoleon Dynamite swag for his new music video.

What do you get when you combine Napoleon Dynamite’s swag, extreme awkwardness, and the major elements of a rap video? You’re about to find out in SonReal’s new music video, “Everywhere We Go.” The visuals capture a day in the life of Steve and his crew of swagged-out nerd bosses, as they kick it at the pool, grill at the crib, and challenge each other to some intense chess matches. While many videos use the storyline to distract you from the rapper’s wackness, the creativity of this video is matched by SonReal’s lyricism – so pay attention!

Watch SonReal’s music video for “Everywhere We Go” above, and if you’re digging the track, head over to iTunes for the download (for our friends up north in Canada, use this link).

Shout out to Shad making a random cameo at the 4:00 mark.

SonReal at the happy center music video

SonReal everywhere we go Ice Cream

SonReal Magnifying Glass Everywhere we go music video

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