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Sonos and ?uestlove in High Fidelity

Sonos and ?uestlove in High Fidelity


If you caught the interview with Mike Dean in our post on “No Church In The Wild,” the one thing the Grammy-award winning producer cited as his ultimate necessity is speakers. It’s a no brainer that with all the music you make, the output via speakers, not headphones, is the way you’re supposed to listen to an audio masterpiece. Sonos, based in Los Angeles is at the forefront of curating the listening experience through their new line of HiFi players and subwoofers. The setup is simple: hook up one speaker, place it horizontally, and you’re in stereo mode; connect two, position it vertically and each speaker blasts the tunes from left to right. The addition of the sub (available 6/19) is where your sound gets a little more thump, ass so to speak, which we tested out during a live preview of the sub at the East Village’s Standard Hotel. After cueing up Big Sean and Nicki Minaj’s remix of “Dance (A$$)” we felt the ripples through our chest cavities. For a more tame listening experience, Sonos created a series of videos featuring their spokespeople ?uestlove and Deadmau5. In the ?uestlove clip, the funky drummer shows how you can play songs wirelessly through each speaker, no matter what room they’re in. Sounds simple with Sonos.


Sub Sonos Hi-Fi Player

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