Fake Tupac Eating Snacks

Breaking News: Some Black Guy Looks Like Another Black Guy

Are you a black male with a profile even remotely close to that of the late, great Tupac Shakur? You may have a future in modeling!

Last evening, I was sipping on some hot tea and trolling on the Internet— as I usually do after a long day— when I noticed a captivating post on Facebook from Vice:

What if Tupac was alive


“Oh man, Tupac lives!” I thought for about .05 seconds, before reminding myself that he’s in fact dead, enjoying the afterthuglife with all the BIGs (Pun, L, Notorious). But my interest was still piqued, so I decided to click the link and find out who the hell this random black guy was.


The title of the article read, followed by pictures of this black guy (his name is Richenny Ryfa Felicia, thanks Vice for that bit of info), eating snacks with his family, walking his dog, riding a bike with one of his kids on the back (you can’t fit three people on a bike, it’s too dangerous, but at least fake Tupac has still got some thug in him – no helmet!), and holding a fish (he looks more like Terry Kennedy in this photo).

Fake Tupac holding a fish

There’s literally no context about the article — aside from the Facebook post that got me there — just pictures of this random black guy Richenny doing shit that Tupac used to shoot people for doing (okay, I can’t prove that, but you can’t disprove it).

Vice, let me help you with an appropriate title for your article:

We Think This Random Black Guy Looks Like Another Black Guy

Scroll Through Our Random Photos and See If You Agree

Fake Tupac Family Portrait

Written by a random half-black guy that looks like another random half-black guy.

Fake Tupac Eating Snacks

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