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Solo Eating Solutions: Stuffed Animals, Blow Up Sex Dolls, and an iPhone Ramen Bowl

Eating by yourself can be awkward. Luckily restaurants around the world are innovating the dining game so you can enjoy your time alone.

As you probably know, Asia is way ahead of us when it comes to technology, but now it appears that they’re emotionally superior as well. It’s not necessarily that it’s “embarrassing” to eat at a restaurant alone, it’s just, well, kinda sad. Welcome to Moomin Café, where their goal is to make you feel like you have a friend at any table.

Moomin Cafe Japan Stuffed Animals

Large stuffed animals occupy chairs at every single table, and they even have their own glass of water. The characters are based off a Swedish-Finnish book and animated series about a family of friendly creatures resembling hippopotami. Food and drinks there are also inspired by the series. So maybe this is more of a cult thing? Either way, it sounds like a good hangover spot for when you don’t want to be alone but you don’t want to talk to anyone either.

Moomin’s isn’t the only anti-loneliness restaurant. Taiwan’s Funny Sex encourages you to dine with blow-up sex dolls and offers a “Penis Ice Cream.” Yum…

You could be less of a public freak and get up close and personal with your usual dining partner – your phone. MisoSoupDesign makes a soup bowl with an iPhone stand … if only my favorite ramen place was BYOB.

Miso Soup Bowl Phone


The bottom line here is: as we get more and more modern, it becomes acceptable to be independent and alone. This can only mean good things. And now, you won’t have to pretend you are doing something when you sit alone.

Lindsey eats pizza alone, a lot. It’s straight pepperoni. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Moomin Cafe

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