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Sofles “Infinite” Mind-Blowing Graffiti Time-Lapse

Sofles “Infinite” Mind-Blowing Graffiti Time-Lapse

This video is f*cking sick! Prepare for your mind to be blown. Australian graffiti writer Sofles goes to town rocking pieces, throwies, and wild style burners, transforming a ruinous warehouse into the veritable gallery of his work. The artist exhibits style, technique and versatility, proving that he can bang out solid straight letters on par with the best, even though he often chooses to break from the conventional with his more experimental pieces.

Just as impressive as the artist’s skills is the cinematography, flipping ones expectations of a time-lapse video. Even if you don’t give two sh*ts about graffiti, this video by Selina Miles for Ironlak will blow your mind. Seriously, take 4 minutes to check it out for yourself and tell me if I’m wrong.

sofles-infinite-ironlak-1 sofles-infinite-ironlak-2 sofles-infinite-ironlak-3 sofles-infinite-ironlak-4

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