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Snoop Shills for Hot Pockets, We LOLZ Then Cry

Snoop Shills for Hot Pockets, We LOLZ Then Cry

a snoop lion hot pocket has come out

Snoop Dogg Lion has no shame when it comes to using his once gangsta personal brand to endorse products — no matter how ridiculous.

Remember his AOL commercial? Or the Snoop -branded hot dogs he had? It was starting to seem like Snoop like was becoming a parody of himself so for Hot Pocket he went all the way and really parodied himself. The result is “Pocket Like It’s Hot” featuring¬† Andy Milonkakis, video vixens, raining pepperoni, the four elements of hip-hop, and YouTube sensation DeStorm Power. Total blog bait and we took it.

But hold on Snoop, we thought you were a rastafarian now? “Real rasta nuh nyam pepperoni Hot Pockets!”¬† That’s patois for “Hot Pockets are not vegetarian, my friend. What do you think of this Snoop Lion hot pocket video?

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