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Smoking Bed Bugs Will Get You High

Smoking Bed Bugs Will Get You High

April Fools!

Wait, you April Fools I wasn’t April Fooling!

Wait, I’m high as a f***ing kite right now because I just smoked all the bed bugs under my dirty-ass mattress*. What, you think bed bugs won’t get you high? Check out the news report up top for proof; I’ll wait.

Still don’t think bed bugs can get you high? Well, that’s probably because you’re using your brain, or not smoking bed bugs, or both! Maybe you even did a little research and discovered that someone cleverly edited the video you see in the player above to merge a news report about smoking wax with one about bed bugs. Shame on you for ruining the fun for everyone else. You need to loosen up, bro, and hit this bed bug roach.

Smoking Bed Bugs Gets You High


*For the lovely ladies that read Mass Appeal, I don’t have a dirty-ass mattress. It’s actually quite clean if you’d like to come over and check it out.

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