Memorex Massacre: Smash TV’s Amazing ’80s TV Ad Mash-Up

Peep Memorex Massacre: Smash TV's Amazing '80s TV Ad Mash-Up

You don’t have to be an ’80s baby to know that the Reagan era was a really weird time–especially when it comes to American popular culture. Proving this point the folks at Smash TV present MEMOREX a video project where they’ve spliced together nearly an hour VHS clips from the decade to create a pastiche that’ll make you feel like you’re on mind-altering drugs– all set to a soundtrack of Hype Williams (the band) and Boards of Canada among others:

“Memorex is the advertising industry’s collective wet dream. The sequel to Smash TV’s critically acclaimed “Skinemax”, Memorex is a 50 minute VJ odyssey, a tribute to an entire generation who grew up with only a TV and a VCR for a babysitter.

Sourced from over forty hours of 80s commercials pulled from warped VHS tapes, Memorex is a deep exploration of nostalgia and the fading cultural values of an era of excess. It’s a re-contextualization of ads – cultural detritus, the lowest of the low – into something altogether more profound, humorous, and at times, even beautiful.

Digging up long forgotten memories for a generation who spent their formative years glued to the boob tube, Memorex is a veritable nostalgia nuke for children of the 80s. Endless beach parties, Saturday morning cartoons, claymation everything, sleek cars, sexy babes, toys you forgot existed, station idents, primitive computer animation, all your favorite sugary cereal mascots, and so much more. An ode to the hyper consumerism and sleek veneer of a simpler time.

The audio provides a perfect accompaniment to the warped and weirdly nostalgic footage, like finding your favorite cassette from childhood after it’s been baking in the sun for 25 years. An authentic audio/visual package, Memorex was designed to look and feel like the real deal. The ultimate VHS tape.”

Is it live or Memorex?


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