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Smash Capitalism: Golden Bull Piñata Gets a Beatdown

Smash Capitalism: Golden Bull Piñata Gets a Beatdown

In this time of economic worries, what could be more satisfying than beating a giant golden bull piñata and grabbing the cash that spills out?

Chilean-born artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz created a giant golden bull piñata to celebrate tonight’s NYCxDESIGN closing party in Sunset Park. $1,000 in singles were stuffed up the bull’s ass, and partygoers were invited to beat the piñata with communist red sticks and grab the loot when it spilled out. Errazuriz, Chile’s 2009 Designer of the Year, felt that “it would be amazing to build a giant piñata that could be hung between buildings and invite my colleagues and all the young designers to grab some sticks and have a go at it during the party.”

The piñata, reminiscent of the Charging Bull sculpture in Bowling Green, was commissioned to celebrate 11 days of design-oriented events and workshops spearheaded by Industry City and WantedDesign. Industry City CEO Andrew Kimball hopes the partnership will “open up the design world to the public and expand opportunities for the design world in Brooklyn.”

What a better way to support the community, and show your real feelings about capitalism, than giving a bull a beatdown and making a grab for some cash.

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