Sticker Fiends Flock to the LES for SLAP Exhibition

conart sinero slap

Tonight  (Mar. 13) at 8 PM the Con Artist Gallery in New York City will open its doors to display an array of stickers made by both unknown artists and legends like Sinero, Royce, EKG and Faust. The SLAP: Adhesives and Egos, a DIY Sticker Exhibition will feature handmade stickers from over one hundred artists that routinely plaster mailboxes, newspaper stands, and subway cars all over the city.

A limited edition zine with photos of the stickers in the gallery along with a few works from some of the featured artists will be for sale at the show as well.  If you’re in NYC tonight come through and show your support and if you can’t make it to the gallery tonight the exhibit will be open until Apr. 3.

slap exihibition of DIY stickers

conart mail graffiti

wizard skull sticker


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