Sky Ferreira I Blame Myself 2014 Video Called Racist By Fans and Internet

Sky Ferreira Slams Racist Allegations

Racist or nah?

So it looks like #BlackTwitter the Internet came down on Sky Ferreira, aka Yung $ky F (and the F is for phenomenal), for that video she posted yesterday through the folks at SSENSE. Haven’t seen it? Well we posted it yesterday and called her out for her “wannabe gangster” act; here you go.

At the very base it appears to be your typical depiction of “Ghetto LA,” in all honesty when it began and the first hand gesture/sign language/”stacking” situation went awry, it was immediately written off as another pop starlet using “urban fetishism” to provide for some polarizing, “rough around the edges”, fodder. She’s been accused of using her supporting actors, all black, as mere “ghetto props” used to create this menacing urban atmosphere in which she plays “the kingpin.” With backlash in abundance, Sky took to Facebook to address both detractors and fans in question,

No, I did not use black back up dancers as “props”. I never have and never will look at any human being as a prop. That’s disgusting. It’s also an idea that has never crossed my mind,which is what I find questionable of the people telling me that I did so. Dancers are objects?!?!?! How dare you! Dancers make things come to life. If they were white would they be considered “props”? I auditioned a bunch of dancers, all races & my dancers were the best ones. I know that you have to be socially aware & mindful of others but when I look at this video I don’t see race as a issue. Stop trying to search for something that isn’t there. Comments like “rich little white girl exploiting the black people & the ghetto”…I never exploited anyone & I don’t use people in any shape or form. My brother is half black. My cousins are black. My family is Latina & Native American. Some of my family is in the video.

Some are calling it a manufactured controversy, some are saying she’s just trying to build hype since she’s on tour Ms. Miley Cyrus, someone who kinda sorta got accused of the same shit. Who knows what the motive is, but we all know white girls (Sky isn’t ethnically “white” she’s Brazilian, Native American, and Portuguese descent) doing the urban or “ghetto” thing WILL rub SOMEONE the wrong way and they will put your face in it. Sorry Sky, we know you probably meant well…probably…but it’s 2014 and you should know how the Internet works, weren’t you the Queen of Myspace at one point?

There’s something eerie about this whole situation, especially when you digest the lyrics of the song,

How could you know what it feels like
To be outside yourself?
You think you know me so well
I just want you to realize I blame, I blame myself
Blame, blame, blame myself
I blame, I blame, blame myself for my reputation

I’m just a face without a choice
A choice you’d never like to guess what I think above the shoulders
10 years old without a voice
I feel like nothing’s really changed
Now I’m just a little older

Is this some sort of call for help, really harping on how the industry treats its mostly vacuous and interchangeable pop stars and starlets? I dunno. But this also really wreaks of something strange, considering she signed up to have such a significant song as backdrop music for a four-minute fashion show for an online boutique.

Sky Ferreira I Blame Myself 2014 Video Called Racist By Fans and Internet

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